You Can Never Be Too Old to Be Young!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Sweetness and I have two adult daughters: my “favorite youngest”, Brianne, soon to be thirty and my “favorite oldest”, Ashley, who recently turned 32. When they were little “cherubs,” their Kindergarten Mom (that’s my Sweetness) for Easter would create a beautiful basket full of peeps, chocolate bunny’s, marshmallow eggs, and small toys, along with assorted candies and gifts. She would hide the baskets in some obtuse place and then attach multi-colored yarn to the handle and then run the yarn all over the house. She would rope me into the project and we would course this yarn under beds, in and out of the fireplace, through chairs, tiny little places where they would have to crawl through or under to follow the trail of the yarn.

They would start with the end of the twine attached to goofy bunny ears. They’d put on the ears and follow the yarn backwards until they discovered their personalized basket – ALWAYS to their joy and glee! If we had nieces and nephews with us, they too would participate and with the same outcome…lots of fun and laughter.

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

Well, much to our surprise, Ashley asked her Mom if she would reinstate the Easter basket hunt as both girls, their husbands, and a niece and nephew from out of town were going to be celebrating the Easter weekend at our home. Even though retired, the Kindergarten teacher in Trish kicked in and she put together the most creative Easter bunny baskets. She and I had a ball running the yarn throughout the entire house…just like when the girls were our little “cherubs.” When the kids came into the house, the fun began as we watched, encouraged, gave clues, and harassed them as they followed the tortuous trails of the yarn until they found their prize.

And on Easter morning, we even had a full-blown Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Go figure that thirty-something adults would have so much fun “scampering” around the yard looking for hidden eggs!

Just when you think traditions are dead or the fun things when we were kids might seem to get lost over the years, we discover You Can Never Be Too Old to Be Young! If you want to see a short collage of the yarn-induced scavenger hunt, click on the photo and laugh.

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