You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

by Dr. Ron Arndt

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The team member who answers your phones is such an integral piece of your dental practice. This person is not your receptionist, but the Director of First Impressions! Here are my tips to turn a curious caller into a loyal, lifelong patient.

1.      Write it out: Have a script to follow and a written plan. Rehearse scenarios at your Morning Huddle.

2.      Get personal: Always ask for the name. If they ask “Does your office do cosmetic whitening?” say “To answer your question and make a proper appointment for you, May I ask what is your name?”

3.      Get more info: Ask if there were any specific questions that prompted the potential patient to call – this is a great way to find out if they have any other concerns. You can then relay this info to the hygienist and doctor who will be handling this patient.

4.      Recognize: Make sure to ask “Whom may we thank for the referral?” This will not only help you track advertising and referrals, but it lets the potential patient know that you are a time that acknowledges others.

5.      Follow up: If you send out intake forms to the patients in the mail, call to follow up. Be diligent about confirming appointments as well. These are all just more “touches” and more chances to turn this potential patient into a lifelong one.

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