Killing the Practice Before It Kills You – How Throwing Out My Business Model Saved My Life

by Dr. Ron Arndt

dental practice management tips
When people ask me why I had to write “Killing the Practice Before It Kills You“, a how-to guide on running a successful dental practice while having more work-life balance, I explain how I wanted to help other young dentists avoid the mistakes I made.

The truth is, it wasn’t all my idea.

Writing this book came as a suggestion from my brilliant wife, Trish (My Sweetness). I had just written and published my memoirs as a gift to my two daughters. In my memoirs, I wrote about my heart attack at 41, and how it changed my outlook on business and life.

Sweetness said: “You know that story about how you killed your practice? That needs to be shared with other dentists. They can avoid making the same mistakes you did.”

Writing the book was a labor of love, because it caused me to really think through some of the mistakes I made, and also why I made the choices I did. Some of my strategies are interesting, to say the least, like why I believe you should fire all of your staff. However, it worked for me because I created a future of choice.

My hope is that enough dentists pick up the book, read it and apply half a dozen principles to their practice. I don’t see that happening, though. Most dentists will tell me that they are so smart that they already know what to do.

Are you one of them?

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