Dr Ron’s Real-Life Service Blog: World-Class Service Everyone Needs

by Dr. Ron Arndt

world-class service excellenceAs a trained Secret Agent by the DiJulius Group in the delivery of Secret Service training to dental practices and other service businesses, I am constantly on the look out for service interactions where I can find individuals who truly live the idea of service delivery. I found one by the name of Najwa Alam. This remarkable lady is the host at the desk of the Abilene Hampton Inn Suites.

After an arduous 10-hour drive across the Texas desert, she was a true sight for sore eyes. When I entered the hotel, she stood to greet me with a smile that stretched from ear-to-earextended her hand to shake mineenthusiastically welcomed megraciously gathered my information, and asked me: “Dr. Arndt where are you traveling from?” (She actually used my name and pronounced it correctly). After noting from my conversation that I might be looking for a movie theatre to relax and chill from the long drive presented meunprompted, with a two-page list of the Fandango report for the two movie theatres within a 12-minute drive from the hotel. She then proceeded to pull out a detailed map and color-coded the driving directions.

Najwa delivered unbelievable, NO-COST, world-class service and she did it all with an attitude of gratitude…thanking me for choosing her hotel.

Just when you think real service is dead and buried, you are treated to an unusually caring connection by a lovely person like Najwa that causes you to say “WOW…This person, this business, is different and I want to do more business with them in the future and I want to tell the world of this extraordinary experience.”

Thank you, Ms. Alam, for demonstrating that true service is from the heart.

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