Never Say the Word “Compromise” Again

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Champion
Don’t you just hate the word compromise? What that means to most dentists is: “I have to give-up something in order for you to get something.”

In fact, for me, it always leaves me feeling cheated or that something is going on behind my back.

In my blog, I often share lessons with you that I’ve experienced for myself (aka: learned the hard way). For me, someone who hated “compromising”, things got better when I learned to instead come to consensus with my team members. That way, I didn’t have to be so smart or right all the time.

So what is consensus vs. compromise? Consensus is when everyone’s input is heard and valued. Everyone agrees to support the final decision. This process takes more time up front, but implementation is quicker because everyone supports the change.

In your dental practice, for example, say things like: Let’s come to a consensus on how we will handle vacation requests.

What an enhancement to peace, tranquility and practice profitability. I challenge you to not say the word “compromise” at all this month!

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