What You Need to Know About Core Values (The Final Message in a 2-Part Series)

by Dr. Ron Arndt

On Tuesday, I discussed Core Values and why they are such an integral part of my book. I promised you more answers and here they are… (If you did not get to see Tuesday’s blog, )

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How do you use Core Values? Every policy, manual and memo in the practice should be crafted around the Core Values. Team meetings workshops need to be held on a regular basis to discuss progress in applying the shared values. Post the Core Values on your website, print them on nice paper to leave in the reception area and discuss them in your marketing materials. This will certainly make you stand out from the dentist down the street.

Why do you need Core Values? It is important to work with a team of people whose Core Values reflect your own.  If you have Core Values in place, it will make all business and personal decisions much easier to make.

When do you create Core Values?

Right now! This is the perfect time to create your core values as we enter into 2011, and you can begin your planning.

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