What Can You Do To Celebrate?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Throw out your ideas… the old ones, I mean. Make room for big changes in your dental practice in the year 2011.

Here are three things you can do to totally revamp your dental practice:

1)  Introduce a new incentive program: When I “killed” my practice, I introduced a new program a Win-Win Pay-4-Performance Program. This was a unique, transparent formula that rewarded my staff members when the practice had a “good” month, and where they shared in the losses of a “bad” month.

2)  Set aside time for you every day: This can be a morning walk, a 10 minute meditation session or time to read a chapter of your new favorite book. Even the smallest amount of time will leave you feeling re-charged.

3)  Throw out the numbers: In my book, I talk about my former obsession with big numbers. Lots of staff, lots of patients….. lots of overhead and lots of stress. Whatever numbers that you think you need to reach, throw them out. Really. You can learn how to do this and still have a

Now, what ideas do you have in the New Year? What about implementation? How will you do it?

Notice that none of my ideas above are designed to put more stress in your day. Work/life balance is one of the most important things for us dentists to have. My book, , coaches you on how to achieve that balance, without sacrificing the success of your practice, and inadvertently, your income.

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