What Is Your Team Obsessed About?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Is your dental office team obsessed with making patients feel comfortable? With efficient scheduling? Or is it with when their next pay raise will be?

Every patient-centered dental team should be obsessed with operating a successful, profitable dental practice.

For years, I operated my dental practice in a way that almost cost me my life – literally, when I had a heart attack in my early 40s. You can learn more about how my practice almost killed me, and then how I killed it here.

Think about it, your team should be obsessed with:

1)      Attention to detail…. What do your patients see when they walk in the waiting room? What do they experience in the treatment room?

2)      Following the practice’s Core Values and Vision of the practice. For more information on Core Values, click here.

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3)      What will set you apart from other dental offices

When your team cares more about the success of the practice than how many vacation days they will have in 2011, you have a solid team. Now, what if you don’t have that now? How can you get there? Why not purchase this book and make it a team obsession?

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