What Is the Value of a Lifetime Patient?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In all of my years of coaching dental professionals to succeed in their personal and professional lives, I’ve learned that most dentists are also savvy Dental CEOs. However, if you asked most of them to give a dollar amount of the value of a lifetime patient, they likely would have no clue.

If they knew this number, however, they wouldn’t be so frugal (okay, cheap!) on getting and keeping patients for a lifetime.

Dental CEOs understand that the cost of getting a new patient in the door (marketing, advertising, etc) is considerably higher than keeping a current one.

Most dentists would be wise to concentrate more of their advertising and marketing efforts on enhancing the relationship with current patients.

Here are my top 3 ways to keep patients coming back:

1)      Acknowledge them: Send hand-written cards once a year on their birthday or another special day

2)    Show them that they are valued: Tell them how much you value them, and be specific in saying why, by listing the number of years they have been a patient or how you have watched them grow up.

3)      Give them specials: It makes sense to give special pricing to your current patients, instead of new patients only. Think of what value-add you can give to your best, long-term patients.

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