What Is All Of this About Core Values?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I speak a lot about Core Values in , and I describe how they gave me a new and better direction for my practice. Having a clear, written set of Core Values gave me something truly remarkable – to get my life back, and still maintain a dental practice that was operating in the top 5% of practices nationwide.

I wrote a two-part series on the who, what, why, how and when of Core Values. Today, I will talk about the What, the How and the Who. Stay tuned for more in Thursday’s blos.

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What are Core Values? Core Values are the doctor’s equivalent to The Ten Commandments.  They are the foundation around which the doctor will make ALL business and personal decisions.  Have a question about what to do in an unusual circumstance? Consult your Core Values. Core Values are a set of your own principles that serve as an ultimate guide for behaviors, beliefs and attitudes for the doctor and the staff inside the office and out.

How do you create Core Values? Answer these questions: What is right or wrong to you? What principles do you live by? What values mean the most to you? List your Core Values on a sheet of paper.

Who creates Core Values? The doctor! This is not a team event. This is the sole responsibility of the doctor… After all, you are a CEO now.. you should act like it!

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