We're So Different We're the Same

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Recently had the fun opportunity to meet face-to-face a dentist from Australia that I have befriended over the past several years. Our email communications and Face Book posts never came close to allowing me to appreciate his energy, entrepreneurship, and sense of humor. While our language and accents are different; the way dentistry operates in either country is different; there were amazing similarities between Dr. David Moffet and me…and our profession.

  • The same desire to grow, be better, serve more.

  • The excitement shared about our profession and how we treat our patients and clients.

  • The yearning to take care of our family.

  • Looking for ways to stand out and be distinctive…to set ourselves apart from the pack.

Dr. David reminded me that bringing like-minded people together is an incubator of new thoughts and ideas that enable us to be distinctive. Thank you Dr. David!

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