I Wanna’ Hug You

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Take time to value your patients and show that you care
What did you think when you read this post title?

Oh my, that sounds so weird.
What will others think?
That’s simply… uncomfortable.
There are legal issues here!
I’m a guy… We don’t do that!

B.S.! Get over it!

I see us drowning in information and starving for attention. Don’t you think your patients feel that way, too?

When I meet someone that I enjoy being around – a client, a vendor – I love just getting a hug. (And I don’t care if it’s from a ‘boy’!). I want to feel valued, appreciated and special. I want the other person to feel the same way. I bet that you want to make your patients feel that way, too.

Action step: How can you and your team physically and metaphorically “hug” your patients? What do you do to make your patients feel special? What makes your dental practice different and unique?

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