Walk The Talk – It Starts With You, The Doctor

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Staff Success Tips
Do you consider yourself an ethical leader? You instantly might want to say “Yes!” However, think harder. Have you established a set of standards that coincide with your mission and vision statements? Do you know how much ethics and standards impact your dental practice?

By definition, ethics is a blend of professional and personal behaviors and qualities. Values and ethics are your framework for decision-making. How much thought about integrity and responsibility really goes into the decisions that you make?

We have a responsibility to uphold standards of the dental profession, but to our staff, we have a larger responsibility. It is to “walk the talk”, to model the qualities we want in our practice.

Start by sharing your Core Values. These are the guiding principles around which all your practice decisions will be made. It defines who you are, what you are and what you value in your business life. This is your compass. It unites you, the CEO, and your team members into a purpose. Do you need assistance in developing your Core Values? See an earlier post here.

When you articulate your Core Values, it enables you to make objective assessments and provide appropriate responses to every situation that will arise in your practice. Your Core Values and commitment to them as the practice leader provide a context for values-based decision making.

The operative words here are: “your commitment to your core values.”

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