Vacation Tension

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I was recently talking with my newest client and he asked me this question: How do you know if your practice is killing you? I offered up a list of several indicators for his consideration. One of them was the following: “On a weeklong vacation, it takes three to four days to unwind. You feel like a new person for one or two days, then the tension builds again, welling up uncontrollably, tightening every muscle. Sunday nights are the worst.” His reply…..I just returned from a vacation week and that is EXACTLY what happened to me. I’m all tense and worried about what to expect, even after I came in early on Sunday to catch up on all the mail.

If you want to see several of the other indicators visit:

Here is my question:

What do you do to eliminate this kind of tension when you are on vacation or have taken time away from the office? If you never “tighten up” before coming back into the office from a vacation, please share your wisdom as to how you do it.

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