Under Promise and Over Deliver In Your Dental Office

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In a world of people who break promises, it’s important to follow this business principle with your patients and dental staff. This is one of my favorites, and yet it’s so simple: Keep your word and exceed expectations. In your dental office, an example is keeping your scheduled appointment time with a patient and then providing some extra attention on an oral health issue of concern and before you exit the exam room, hand over written recommendations. You personally give a call a few days later to see how they are doing.

The top 3 rules of this important principle in your dental practice:

1)      Never promise something that you have no chance of being able to reasonably deliver: The end result is that the patient or staff member is angrier if you say you will and you don’t, rather than if you didn’t do it at all.

2)      Give yourself an appraisal: Decide what you can actually do for this person and then pull back a bit to give yourself wiggle room. This way, if it takes more time or costs more money than you anticipated – you are not surprising the patient. If you’re able to do it faster or cheaper – you are their hero.

3)      Brainstorm: As THE DENTAL COACH©, I coach my clients that if their dental practice isn’t growing, it’s dying. This means they have to constantly improve. Brainstorm ways to keep improving on your “over-delivery.”

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