Trust Is Everything: 3 Tips for Building Trust with Dental Office Employees

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In a dental office, trust is everything. It is essential to build and cultivate a trusting relationship to achieve success. For the purpose of this blog, let’s discuss trust with your staff – your hygienist, your chairside, your front desk receptionist. If these team members are not working together honestly and toward a common goal – your practice can, and will, suffer.

In my book, I discuss how, after re-hiring all of my employees, trust and responsibility were big pieces of my new practice strategy. Below, find my three tips for building trust with your employees:

1) Build a culture: The atmosphere and culture in my “new office” was optimistic and open. Staff members would never hear me “talk bad” about any patients or other staff members. It was a culture that was in line with my Core Values.

2)      Encourage: I allowed my dental staff to make decisions; genuinely and candidly asked for their input and trusted in their opinions. After all, they were closest to the patients and other practice issues. I encouraged idea sharing, and found that my staff often had the best ideas.

3)      Keep the conversation going: I shared information with my staff using open book management practices, like supplying my staff with critical practice information and financial data so that they understood the dental practice’s overall bottom line. I consistently provided constructive feedback.

By using those 3 tips to build trust among your staff, you will cultivate an office that employees love to be – and it will make your job a whole lot easier, too.

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