A Treatment Plan For Your Dental Office’s HR

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business Vision
Think back to 2011. How many times have you been faced with issues with a team member? Whether you are setting up a first dental practice or have had an active practice for a decade, a critical component is a plan for how to deal with personnel issues. What is it worth to you to have a “treatment plan” in place that describes in detail, for you and the team, how to handle a particular situation?

This “treatment plan” becomes your Policy Manual. It helps you avoid misunderstandings. It serves as a roadmap to settle employment issues. In today’s complicated legal environment, you are risking your entire business if you fail to have policies around hiring, reviews, promotions and terminations. Don’t be lax! The benefits of having an employee handbook are many. Every employee receives the same information about the rules of the dental practice; your employees will know what you expect from them (and what they can expect from you, the Dental CEO) and you may get legal protection if an employee later files an employment claim against you.

Action Step for this month:

  • Develop policies around areas such as: Pay and salary (how raises are calculated), performance reviews (structure: what employees can expect), discipline (how, why and when consequences are handed out), complaints (how complaints/suggestions/comments are handled)
  • Develop a HR Handbook. List all positions in the practice. For each position, include a list of competencies, performance standards, and standards of measuring. Distribute a hard copy to all team members. Sharing the standards and expectations for every position generates a higher level of commitment from each team member. Ask team members for their input in setting objectives and actions required to meet and exceed these performance standards. Ask your DENTAL COACH© for advice on how to approach these new policies with your team that ensures you work smarter and be more effective as a team.

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