Treat Your Dental Practice As Your Home

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business Vision
No, I’m not suggesting that you move into your dental office! (In fact, as THE DENTAL COACH©, you know that I coach my clients on a good work-life balance!)

Have you ever built your dream home? Before you move in, you invest time in understanding the elements that will deliver the home of your dreams. The carpenters, electricians, and plumbers all have specialized skills to help you. It takes time!

It is the same in a dental practice. It takes investing time to understand the elements of a thriving and successful business. When you take the time to build the foundation with those who have the specialized skills to help you, you reap rewards for you and your team.

It also takes a good foundation. Your clinical skills, along with the skills of those who are a part your practice, must be aligned to build the quality care you want to provide. The foundation of any practice is the vision and Core Values to support the practice throughout its lifetime. All other parts of the system must rely on the foundation – values, teamwork, customer service, financial arrangements, and patient satisfaction.

Have you been doing this in your dental practice?

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