Train and Retain

by Dr. Ron Arndt

New Dental Practice Patient
Every year with my Full Contact Coaching© clients, I perform an annual goal planning session. An important piece of the process is when we lie out the continuing education for the doctor and the entire team.

Typically, this conversation focuses on only clinical/technical training programs. Listen up—this is a HUGE mistake.

The late Walter Hailey said 85-90% of a practice’s success resides with nonclinical skills. Put another way, that means only 10-15% of the practice success is a function of how well we can place a composite and how accurate we are at determining the physiological apex of an endodontic retreated tooth. The rest of our practice’s success resides on the overall patient experience.

I encourage you to think beyond technical skills when investing in training programs. Investing in “soft skills” will improve communication, enhance patient experience and demonstrate to your team that you are committed to them as people, not just another expense. Your employees are more than overhead, aren’t they?

Hey, here’s a thought! Look at continuing education programs offered outside of dentistry. Why not consider programs like:

  • Human care service
  • Dealing with a difficult customer
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Patient centered selling
  • Resolving conflict

Enroll in these programs and you’ll see the highest return on your investment. You will have a much happier team with reduced stress and higher practice income. Did I mention that you will have greater employee satisfaction?

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