How to Train your Dental Team in Service Excellence

by Dr. Ron Arndt

What is the lesson from my last blog post about Roselle and Sean that we can apply to our businesses?

Every member of our team must be trained to be a DETECTIVE. That is, to be looking for opportunities to discover ways to deliver above-and-beyond service to your guests. Unfortunately, many of our employees (and the CEO’s as well) have little or no clue about the opportunities to WOW a guest. Because of this, almost all opportunities will go right over the head of employees who haven’t been properly trained to see them. When this happens, a business/practice misses the chance to build emotional capital with that guest.

We don’t want above-and-beyond acts to happen by chance; if possible, we want a high percentage of the opportunities to be executed.

Steps to consider in training your team to be DETECTIVES and find opportunities to truly WOW your guests:

  • Create a Guest Experience Manual.
  • Invest at least 50% of your training time and money to “soft-skills”.
  • Reinforce service philosophies.
  • Create awareness of recent above-and-beyond stories to encourage more employees to recognize similar opportunities.
  • Make these positive stories part of your morning huddle.
  • Recognize and reward great DETECTIVE work by your team members.
  • Create an annual above-and-beyond reward.

What are you willing to do and by when to set your business apart from all the others?

Everyone can be successful, but not everyone is willing to pay the price!

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