Five Tips to Help You and Your Dental Team Be More In-Sync

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Rather than have team members “guess” what it is that you want for your business, here are some simple ideas adapted from Rick Winrod that you could implement, beginning this month:

  • Set objectives that are specific, realistic and measurable.
  • Write down your objectives on paper. The very act of writing your objectives greatly increases your likelihood of success! When you review them several times a week your success grows exponentially.
  • Make a detailed Action Plan to achieve these objectives. Break each objective down into steps, sub-steps and baby-steps. Eat the elephant one bite at a time.
  • Take action on your goals immediately…no delays. Even a baby-step each day will make a HUGE difference in your ability to hit your objectives.
  • Hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals with people who will challenge you and motivate you…much like what a coach will do for you.

What’s your #1 objective for your dental practice for the remainder of the year?

How will you share it with your team?

What measurables will you use to determine your success?

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