This Bailout is Bull&%#*it

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Is is any wonder why so many believe employee loyalty is dead?

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  Thanks to the bankruptcy protection afforded by our government GM sent “Ultimatums” to all of its 6,000 U.S. dealers—

follow the new rules or we’ll see you in court!


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Outrageous!!!  All those years the dealerships have supported this mismanaged; overbloated with excess capacity;  breeding place for stupidity in business planning only to be treated with disdain and casual abandon.  Why should anyone choose to purchase an automobile from a company that treats their vendors and business partners as they mean nothing?  Not me.  And in the meantime while the Feds are bailing out these unbelievably poorly led companies, what about the small businesses that generate over 60% of all jobs in the U.S.  What say you?

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