There Is No Magic Pill For Success in Dentistry

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I had a client tell me “Hey, I am signing up for this program that is going to send out 30,000 postcards for only $17,000!” I thought about it, and thought about it, and finally contacted him back and said “Wow… $17,000 later and 30,000 postcards to potential patients and not one effort has been made to develop a relationship.” He was shocked. But you see, what people are looking for is the magic pill in . There is no magic pill. This is a news flash! No.Magic.Pill.

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We are bombarded on TV with claims of instant weight loss and how to get rich quick. More often than not, those who fall for those schemes end up with nothing but lost time and money. This is the same way withe: there is no magic pill to get more patients, make more money and be more well known in the community.

Rather than have new schemes and ideas to draw people into our business, we need to implement the things we know that already work. What is that, you ask? It happens to be: building relationships!

So why aren’t people doing this? Because – It takes time, effort and a persistent consistency. Many of us dentists – if not most – do not want to do it. Instead, we look for the magic pill. That doesn’t exist and we know it!

I am challenging all of my readers to beat the odds – make it a goal this month to implement this relationship-building strategy into your practice management plan. Set a specific number of hours – say, 5 per month – to spend hand-writing notes to old patients inviting them to come back, calling patients who have had a serious procedure done to check in on them and asking patients about their families, their jobs and their weekend plans. These things don’t cost money – therefore they don’t waste money – all it takes is your time, your thought and a little pit of compassion and interest in the lives of your patients.

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