The Number One Challenge Dentists Face

by Dr. Ron Arndt

The number one challenge facing my is their staff. Do you wonder how to get your employees to show up on time, to contribute to the practice growth and to be more efficient and timely with their responsibilities? Many dentists, and even the most experienced dental CEOs believe that the way to “fix” their staff is to copious cash bonuses, higher-than-average salaries and luxuries like all-expenses-paid vacations. Has this worked for them? No, not really.

Salary and benefits do not motivate employees in the same way that an interesting, challenging job and recognition from their boss do. It’s been proven in research over the past decade!

To grow a more efficient and effective practice, you do not need to bankrupt your business by sending your staff gigantic Christmas bonuses. The simplest solution to a more productive practice is acknowledging your employee for a job well done and being an open-book manager.

Consider using my unique Four Quarter Technique to combat this challenge that dentists face – and it only costs you a dollar! At the beginning of the day, put four quarters in the right pocket of your lab coat.  During the course of the day, be on the lookout for those staff that are working hard and doing their job to the best of their abilities. At that moment, stop, acknowledge them with “specific” praise and then you can transfer one quarter to your other pocket.  It’s a simple, yet effective way to create a positive habit guaranteed to earn the respect and praise from your team.

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