The Dental Coach


…ever get the feeling you are like a Gerbil running in circles?
…get tired of staying in the same place with the issues of managing and supporting your dental practice?
…do the same circumstances keep popping up day after day, year after year? Do issues like staff cohesion and retention, overhead (am I paying too much?), fees (am I charging enough?), managed care (should I or shouldn’t I) or marketing (am I doing enough, too much?) cause frustration, stress and disappointment for you?
… feel that you have more expenses than money?
…feel that there isn’t enough time in each day for your practice and personal life to peacefully co-exist? That it’s one or the other? How are you handling these time challenges?
…wake up excited for what your day will bring or less than enthusiastic because you know it’s going to another long, stressful, and unsatisfying day?

Imagine if you could “get off the wheel” and finally gain some forward motion because you developed and implemented a clear plan for your practice AND your personal life? What would that feel like for you?

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