Thank-fullness is NOT an Option!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dr. Ron and TrishRecently, Sweetness and I arrived back home in Cleveland from our 3-month winter escape in Chandler, Arizona. What a remarkable experience for both of us. Yet, this magical sojourn reminded me that oftentimes we get so caught up in living our lives that we take many things we have, the loving friendships and family connections, along with our career accomplishments that we’ve accomplished so far, for granted. The little things we enjoyed…the extended weekend when our kids chose to be with Mom & Dad (and we didn’t have to bribe them), hosting over 18 friends & clients to our winter B&B, being with Trish’s family (lots of them), continuing my Dental coaching practice from 2,300 miles away from my home office, the beautifully warm Arizona weather (yes, there was a snow in Scottsdale), traveling nearly 4,700 miles safely, having a wife that can enjoy simply being with “her man” (that’s me), and knowing that we have created a bond that is unique and special, and we’ve crafted a financial game plan that allow all of this while being in service to others. This is a gift!

I feel that Thank-fullness is NOT an option…good fortune and awareness of what we have in our lives is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the goodness that comes our way…AND an opportunity to look for occasions to acknowledge and be grateful to others.

I want to thank my “favorite youngest daughter” Brianne & son-in-law Dan; my “favorite oldest daughter” Ashley & son-in-law Jude; Ron & Aunt Marloony; Bobbi & Dan; Tim & Linda; former client Dr. Tom; Michael & Nancy; sister Heidi & Dr. Bob; former client Dr. Mike & Shereyl; Sandi & Dr. Mike; Dr. Fred & Roselle; my personal trainer (Hercules) Lee; client and dentist to the Cincinnati Reds, Dr. Alex & Jennifer; Dr. David & Jayne from Australia; client & friend, Dr. Darren; Ar izonian, Dr. P.J. & Nita; and most importantly my bride, Trish (Sweetness).

Now that I did the OSCAR thank you’s, I want to suggest that taking time to “marinade” (my coach’s term) on what is good and inspiring in our lives and being thankful will make us feel better, sleep better, produce better and live our lives better.

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