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Dr. Ron Arndt—Coach Ron, The Dental Coach– is one of the most unique individuals in the dental field today in my estimation. He is able to bring the perspective of a practicing dentist into the coaching realm in a caring, supportive, incisive and effective way to enable his clients to create and achieve significant breakthroughs not only in their practice but in their personal lives as well. Coach Ron truly becomes your ‘Success Partner’ and ‘Team Member’ to guide you to increasing practice growth and personal fulfillment.
I became a client of Coach Ron’s at a critical juncture in my practice and life and he coached my Team and I to creatively and confidently make significant changes to the practice that have put us on a more secure and successful footing. I will be eternally grateful to Coach Ron for his knowledge, caring perspective, love and support.
Coach Ron—YOU ROCK!”
from, Dr. Jeffrey Prager

He is a tremendous role model for his clients in so many ways such as:

  • Ron’s integrity, guts, courage, and gumption is robust
  • His heart overflows with kindness, generosity and love
  • His unmatched sense of humor – a master at lighting things up
  • He is a business guru, adept at strategic thinking and is also a creative genius
  • He is loaded with wisdom and attractive humility
  • He always tells the truth constructively, regardless of the situation
  • His magnificent charisma and over-the-top people skills
  • His brilliant communication skills
  • His invigorating energy and drive
  • His commanding presence
  • His remarkable desire empower those he comes in contact with
  • His rejuvenating spirit
  • His amazing ability to provocatively challenge others to greater heights
  • His gargantuan commitment to quality in every area of life
  • His playfully irreverent boldness
  • His magnetic charm
  • His illuminating perspective on living the great life, starting with family before everything
  • His tremendous talent – building a profitable business and assisting others to do the same
  • His rigorous standards with dependability and reliability
  • Everything and everyone he touches turn to gold
  • His compelling leadership style
  • His unswerving loyalty
I think everyone should give Ron a standing ovation every time he enters a room.
With Enormous Love and Gratitude, Chrissy Carew, MCC(Ron’s Coach and CEO of Insightful Player)


Why I feel Dr. Ron’s Full Contact coaching is an Incredible Value! Dr. Pat Thompson

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Ron Arndt has helped me in ways he will never know. His “cut the crap” style of accountability has made me a better manager of my folks. He has always required that I be accountable, not to him, but to myself. Dr. Tom Hughes, DDS

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The entire team enjoyed your visit to our office. The day was very fun and energizing… truly a wonderful learning experience. The day exceeded everyone’s expectations. We learned how to better communicate with each other. We learned how to express how we appreciate and value each other. With your help we were able to solve the issue of having more positive morning huddles. The office is now using the format you gave us and it has been a great success!
I highly recommend your full contact coaching.
Dr. Hecht & Team



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Dr. Valo's Handwritten Thank You to Dr. Ron. Click to view larger.

September 1, 2011
Dear Coach Ron,
Thank you for agreeing to be my coach.  This week’s meeting was awesome!  You are making a huge difference in the lives of me, my wife, my staff, and THEIR FAMILIES.  By facilitating our financial viability, you are sustaining and providing for all our futures, from keeping our homes to educating young children.  Some young children may go to college who would otherwise not be able to do so, because a young mother was able to keep her job and prosper at this time.  GOD BLESS YOU!

Tom Valo

P.S. Today I began my day with clarity of purpose and vision that I had not had for some time.  This is a result of your visit and guidance with us!  THANK YOU!