Teach the “3-Solution Rule” Technique

by Dr. Ron Arndt

New Dental Practice Patient
As THE DENTAL COACH©, I work with dentists in a number of areas, one of them being Staff. Routinely, I hear doctors say to me: “My staff comes to me with problems right when I’m in the middle of treating a patient, and they expect me to have all the answers.”

Here is a simple, incredibly effective technique to enable you to lead more and manage less. The new rule is this: When a staff member comes to you with a problem, they must offer at least three solutions. You also ask the staff member which one they would recommend. It is your job as the doctor and leader to pick the final and best solution among the three possible ones.

When your staff is trained in this problem-solving technique, your practice will benefit from more positive solutions and quick solutions. And yes, you will no longer be bothered when you’re in the middle of treating a patient!

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