Take a Clue, Doctor: What Dentists Can Learn From Shoe Sellers

by Dr. Ron Arndt

One of the most successful retail companies, Zappos, is known for their customer service excellence. The owner even wrote a best-selling book about their company culture. While it’s likely that your dental office isn’t hawking shoes, take a clue from this company who received phenomenal growth and success from their service policies.

1)      Do something different and beyond what is expected. How does your dental service have a positive emotional impact on the patient? Ask yourself this question: What can I do today to change my dental office for the better?

2)      Create fun and humor in your daily work with employees and patients. This encourages everyone to be more innovative, and boosts morale to make your office a more positive place to be.

3) Don’t settle for “good enough.” Over-deliver to your patients by calling the evening after a major procedure, sending a card for the anniversary of them becoming a patient and taking an interest in their lives.

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