Surviving This Phase in Your Dental Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

There comes a time in every dentist’s practice when the practice is growing – just as he or she wished and worked hard for – but anxiety begins to develop.

This is a horribly overwhelming phase when the dentist might think things such as “I know I need to hire more staff, but I’m afraid to spend any more money on the office right now” and “I know I need to bring in more patients to bring in more cash, but I don’t have the time to do it.”, “Things are falling through the cracks but I can’t slow down enough to put the systems in place.”
Here are my three tips on how to survive this phase:

1. Give priority to your new strategies: Take time to sit down with your Coach and identify what systems and strategies you should implement first. Set proper expectations and action steps. Don’t get caught up in the insignificant things, but also remember that you always have the right to change your mind.

2. Understand that to grow – you must invest: It takes money to take your dental practice to the next level; money to hire staff and put appealing signage out front.  Consider each expense carefully, remember it is an investment in your (and your family’s) future and determine how you will turn that expense into a profit.

3. Be patient: Being frustrated and stressed is bad for your health. Be patient as your practice grows, and as new strategies get implemented. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as they all unfold.

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