Stop the Insanity!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

As a dentist, do you feel like the more you work, the more successful you will be? Are you spending more time at the office, because it invariably means that you will make more money? Then, you’ll be able to go on that vacation, pay for college, get your spouse that new car, save for retirement and yata, yata, yata.

Now, think about the last time that you enjoyed an afternoon of leisure with your kids, went on a romantic date with your spouse or spent time taking care of YOU? If it took you longer than that sentence to remember, it’s been too long.

In my book, Killing the Practice Before It Kills You: How Throwing Out My Business Model Saved My Life, I share with my fellow dentists the solutions to the problem that I learned the hard way: how to have work/life balance and still maintain a successful practice. It’s much easier to just read the book, rather than be like me and have a heart attack at 41 from the stress.

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