Staff Meetings: Not a Waste of Your Time

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental CEOs are so busy seeing patients and managing other aspects of the office, that they often skip an integral part of having a successful practice: having regular staff meetings. I recommend that my have short meetings first thing that we refer to as “Morning Huddles”, as well as scheduled, structured staff meetings on a regular basis.

Team meetings enhance office-wide communication; make you aware of issues that you may otherwise overlook and help to propel your business. Once seen as a stale and boring idea, team meetings are truly the best way to ensure growth in your dental practice. Do you fear that your staff will be resistant to these meetings? Are you convinced that these meetings are just a waste of your time?

I suggest that you plan for 4 meetings, using my below tips, and then evaluate their effectiveness in your office. As a true business professional, you should figure out the ROI on this. How long will it take you to plan and hold the meeting, versus what it could do for your practice? Is 15 minutes of planning worth satisfied, happy patients who liberally refer others? Is a one hour meeting each quarter worth the phenomenon of your employees all working together efficiently?

Below are my tips:

1)      Write up an agenda with topics to discuss, and plan when the meeting will start and end. Distribute this to your staff members before the meeting; this shows that it will be a professional discussion and that you are taking the event seriously. Your employees will follow.

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2)      Present an award each time you have a meeting: Think about an inexpensive but creative award you can present to the staff member each month to recognize them for their contributions and unique ideas. Reward the person who gives the best idea or most constructive feedback.

3)      Remember what you’re there for: Your employees are your best (and most expensive) asset to your dental office. If these meetings are productive, rewarding and enhance the staff’s experience working at your dental office, your business will grow because of it.

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