Spring Is In the Air; Change Is In the Air

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Change is what keeps you moving. I’ve said it before: If your dental practice isn’t growing and changing, it’s dying. Change can be in the form of bringing a Dental Coach in to work with your team, or simply a change in the way you handle cancelled appointments.

Your team, at first, may be resistant. As the Dental CEO, it’s your job to minimize resistance and maximize enthusiasm.

Be prepared to field the following questions from your team:

1. Why do we need to change? Show the team, using Open Book Management, the limitations and costs of how you are currently doing business. Tell them how dedicated you are to improving the practice, that you recognize learning is an ongoing process and that you want to continue to make your practice a great place for patients and team alike.

2.      WIIFM? (What’s in it for me?)If you’re lucky, your team will be interested in the benefits to the dental practice, however, they really want to know how this will benefit them. Show your team how learning and implementing these new practices will benefit them professionally; that these skills make them a more valued team member. If the practice continues to do better and generate more revenue, a raise or bonus may even be introduced.

3. What other changes are coming? It may seem like you are on a “change rampage” and team members may be worried that they may lose their jobs. This is the time to reinforce the state of your practice – take a lesson from me and do what I did: I sat everyone down, fired them all and re-hired the ones who wanted to commit to stay. We celebrated immediately after and the whole scope of my practice changed. (For more – check out www.killingthepractice.com)

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