What Is Your Signature Presence?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Communication Tips
Do you have one? How do you set yourself apart from other dental offices? What can patients always expect when they walk in your doors?

I challenge you to formalize this signature presence in writing and display it proudly in your office. The largest, most successful corporations do this – and being that your dental office is a business – you should do it, too.
ideal experience
Here is how to define your signature presence:

  1. Imagine what the and end result is for a patient who walks into your office. Think about how they will feel when they leave.
  2. Now, work backwards from that end result – what needs to happen in order to get there? Define the system: speed, quality service, fee collection, etc.
  3. Write this down and formally display it. That is your action step for today!

When all practice decisions are aligned with your signature presence, the practice grows and flourishes.

Note: Most dentists will need assistance, encouragement and accountability when creating something like this. Your signature presence is so critical to the lifetime success of your practice that it makes sense to hire a coach or another professional at this time.

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