Short Notice Cancellations & Failed Appointments

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Working with my dental clients I request they ue a “Dashboard” to track their numbers.  Things that don’t get measured don’t get done.

  It is a tool to identify areas to focus as well as areas to celebrate. 

I want to create a dialogue on this Blog about the cost of Failed Appointments and Short Notice Cancellations.  One of my clients missed his monthly production goal by $9,000 and has all kinds of reasons why…most notibly the “economy.”  When I was analyzing his Dashboard we discoverd he lost over $22,000 in this same month to FA’s and short notice cancellations.

This is happening in dental offices all over the country.  While the number may not be 22k it may be more or less…….yet, it has the possibility to bankrupt a practice.  For those offices who do not track I often hear, “oh, our FA’s and short notice cancellations aren’t too bad.” 

I suggest….count them and then multiply the time LOST forever against your hourly production and you may be astonished.

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What are you doing in your office or business to reduce or deal with Failed Appointments and short notice cancellations?  Click on comment below and let’s read of your ideas………….

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