Shopping Your Own Home

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Right after the Christmas Holiday, Trish and I took down all the decorations and the tree and stored all the Santa ‘stuff’. In the process, we decided we wanted to add some “pizzazz” to the house and start the New Year off with some positive energy. Friends and family suggested we get rid of a lot of stuff and go out and buy new stuff. What we knew was that we had been happy and comfortable with our ‘current stuff’, yet, we wanted to “turbo charge” a new look with what we currently had throughout the house.

practicing gratitude in life and careerWe decided to shake up the look of several of our rooms by shopping our own home. Our friend’s first thought was what we would buy. Probably true in some instances, yet, we felt it would be more satisfying, both for our psyche and our bank account, to scour the house for pieces of furniture and knick-knack’s that may be the perfect solution to an energized living environment. We discovered that swapping just one piece of furniture for another or moving a rug from one room to another, had the ability to give the room just enough of a shake up that it could feel fresh and new without necessitating a full-fledged makeover.

Also known as “use what you have” decorating, shopping our house entailed searching our own home for forgotten treasures and looking at what we already use with fresh eyes. We did a walk through of the house, looking in every nook and cranny for forgotten items. We then took photographs of everything so we could determine what would work where. We decided we would remove, not just add items…particularly those pieces of furniture, rugs or items that just didn’t seem to fit any longer.

The end result – the house looks delightfully different – it cost us nothing other than our creativity and labor (it did take a lot of physical moving of stuff) and we were already comfortable with the ‘stuff’ we had accumulated over the years and it served us well. You may want to try this yourself…the results just might surprise you like it did us. We have a new home with relatively no effort and expense!

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