Shopping Your Dental Home

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I bet you’ve seen the mass marketing guru’s, the practice management experts, and the social media wizards touting the importance of investing in all kinds of ways to promote and market your dental practice/business as we move into the New Year of 2014. It happens every year. Most of which involve “new programs and initiatives”, signing up for extended packages, and certainly involve substantial financial investments.

dental practice managementAll too often we are convinced that we need to replace your current “stuff” with a host of “new stuff”…when in reality, through a simple and structured marketing plan, you can re-implement many of your low or no-cost initiatives that have been fun for you, your team and your guests…however, they were allowed to simply disappear and for no good reason.

I submit an alternative: Shop Your Current Dental Home. Consider the following steps:

  1. Walk through your office and look at every nook and cranny for forgotten items. Items such as sprucing up your Comfort Station in the reception room and stock it with flavored coffees and creamers – include juices, water and tea. Look in your closets for stored away and overlooked music headsets, neck pillows, lip balm, aromatherapy kits, your old towel warming unit, the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie baking oven, or your old paraffin wax spa hand treatment unit. Pull out the box of inexpensive toys and gifts purchased from the Dollar Store to give away to patients just for fun. What other forgotten patient-centered items could be shopped in your office? Think of it as a scavenger hunt for the entire team. Make it a game and offer prizes. This is marketing at its best to create your brand and to enhance the “connection” with your patients. This is about “touching” people through the smallest of intentions.
  2. Photograph all your items recently revived and put them on a Vision Board and have the entire team identify which are the top three patient-centered items you want to reinvigorate as part of your 2014 marketing initiatives. Assign a Champion to each initiative and establish your intentions, the outcome, a timeline, and a budget.
  3. Remove or eliminate any of the marketing ideas that no longer or never worked. Replace them with strategies that are focused on enhancing your patients experience with you, your team and your facility – many of which will be ideas that you once used, they worked, and are familiar but, for some unknown reason, we let them fade away. By modifying many of these old ideas (like finding furniture in another room of your house and covering it with a colorful throw and moving it into another place in the house) what was seemingly lost, is now fun, different and energizing.

Inspiring your team members to shop your business as a way to make your practice look different is a fun way to keep your business home feeling fresh and gives it new life. Not only is it cost effective and a team builder, it will help you feel like you have an energized practice and you just might appreciate what you currently have

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