Share Individual Success

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Rewarding Dental Office Staff
I am going to tell you how to improve employee morale, retain your best staff and increase the success of your dental practice. It takes seconds, no money – and is guaranteed to retain your star performers.

Now that I have your attention….

Each morning, at your Morning Huddle, I challenge you to take 60 seconds to recognize a success, a special action or a good deed that was done by a team member. Have everyone clap and give that team member a personalized acknowledgement. Brag about that employee to your patients. Write a note that explains how the success of your business, is in large part, because of them.

By sharing their individual success, rather than collectively as a practice, you make that person feel special. You give them credit. They will love that! And best of all – they will continue those good behaviors so this can happen again and again!

What about other ways to recognize and reward your team? How about 101 of them? Click here for Dr. Ron’s 101 Ways to Reward and Recognize Your Team.

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