How to Shake Up your Dental Practice with Patient Survey’s

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Customer SurveysTo many dental offices, surveying their patients is a foreign concept and, in many cases, is met with serious pushback. I believe, many times, we fear what we are potentially going to learn; in other cases we simply don’t care. However, one of the best ways to grow and expand your practice is to ask your guests for their ideas on what you can do better to serve them.

There are several programs available such as Smile Reminders, Lighthouse 360, Sesame 24-7, and Demandforce, for example, that integrates into your practice software and allows you to survey your guests. Unfortunately, many of the surveys I see use the “default” questions that are too many in number and ask questions that tell do nothing to improve your practice. The result is that you get a bunch of “5’s” out of “5” and everyone is lulled into a place of complacency as the team declares “See…our patients love us.” For many teams, this is a “lazy” and ineffective way to learn the truth about what your patients think about your service delivery.

Why not shake it up? Why not do something different? After all, don’t you want to be different from other practices?

Here is a thought…make up a small, well-wrapped box with a small slit on the top where guests can slide in their survey results and set it at the front desk. When your guest/patient arrives, hand them a survey, ask them to complete it before they leave, and deposit in the box.

Do this for a month for every guest you treat over the age of (you choose). You can expect to gather around 200 surveys. The results may well shock you.

I created a simple and highly effective survey for one of my clients that provided valuable feedback for him and his team. If this idea appeals to you, click here to duplicate or modify my “different, succinct, and yet, very powerful” survey.

I’d love to hear your results! Send me an email or post on my Facebook page.

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