Set “S.M.A.R.T.” Goals

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business Vision
These are the kinds of comments I typically hear when working with individuals and groups in planning for their future of choice.

  • “Heck, I don’t need goals.”
  • “Forget writing them down, I got them all in my head.”
  • “I’m not goal-driven. My life just seems to work out all by itself.”

What a joke!

I bet if you check their bank account, it’s not as robust as they would like. I bet if you look at their life, there are some things missing. I bet if you ask them where they’re at in their life today, they may tell you that they are not exactly where they what have hoped for.

Setting goals and writing them down is critical for your success. Now, being prepared does not guarantee your success, but I will tell you that being unprepared creates failure.

When goals pass the SMART test (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time Bound) you will find they are more powerful and effective.

Team members enjoy making goals. They do it in less time, with less stress. Did I mention that your bank account will swell?

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