Dr Ron’s Real-Life Service Blog: Service Recovery at its Best

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Recently, I commented in my newsletter about a less-than-ideal dining experience at the Fleming’s Restaurant in Chandler, Arizona…particularly after having had such a magnificent experience on a prior visit.

One of my clients emailed the Operating Partner, Mr. John Jeffrey, a copy of my newsletter describing my upset. Unlike many businesses that pass off a disgruntled customer as a PITA or don’t ever give it another thought, Mr. Jeffrey immediately called me personally. He wanted to discuss my displeasure and offered me a solution…a complimentary dinner on him as a way for my wife (Sweetness) and me to experience the excellence his restaurant has to offer.

As you can imagine, I was stunned to receive a personal call from the owner wanting to learn from a customer how he and his team could enhance the delivery of their service and to deliver it on a more persistent and consistent basis.

We recently took Mr. Jeffrey up on his offer. To our delight, the evening was just as we had remembered from our very first Fleming’s experience…superb! Jesse and Ben delighted us with very personal service, an in-depth explanation of their incredible menu. They offered suggestions on the unique specials and delivered one of the most magnificent Prime Bone-In Ribeye’s I have ever eaten!!!

Research tells us that customers who are highly satisfied with problem resolution are more likely to return.

While Mr. Jeffrey doesn’t look for things to go wrong at his restaurant, he did indeed demonstrate, in a very personal way, how he saw this as an opportunity to really deliver extraordinary customer service. He wisely recognized that inconsistent performance could kill a brand. When he discovered an inconsistency in his service delivery he took action and delivered a masterful service recovery. I applaud John Jeffrey and his team. You can bet I will be a repeat customer and will gladly refer my friends and family to Fleming’s in Chandler, AZ.

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