Service Recovery Tips for Dental CEOs

by Dr. Ron Arndt

How persistent and consistent is your patient service model? Do patients ever fall between the cracks? What is the possibility that a patient may be upset and you have no clue and they are spreading “ugliness” throughout your community?

What is your plan for service recovery when a patient has a complaint?

What lessons from my last blog post about Mr. Jeffrey teach our dental teams and us?

  • Customers/patients who have had an upset with your business or have experienced some problem yet are highly satisfied with how the upset was handled are MORE likely to return than those customers who had no problem at all.
  • If you handle problems with panache, you can convert a patient from unhappy or unsatisfied to highly satisfied.
  • “Highly satisfied” patients are twice as likely to return.
  • “Highly satisfied” patients are three times more likely to recommend your practice. (Note the service recovery delivered by Mr. Jeffrey is now positively spread to over 800 readers of my Floss Your Mind™.)
  • Loyalty is very fragile…it is up to us, as business owners, to maintain it in the most customer-centric way possible.

ACTION ITEM: Why not look at every point of contact a patient has with your practice/business and determine where there might be a service lapse and how you can fix it before it happens and, if it does happen, figure out how you will recover.

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