Dr Ron’s Real-Life Service Blog: Service Excellence at its Best

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Creating a Delightful Experience is a gross understatement when I describe the way Mr. Jim Lomis delivers his service. Jim is a tour guide for Lolly the Trolley, a nationally known City Sightseeing Tour company showing visiting and local guests a Cleveland they never knew existed.

outstanding customer service storyTo add a touch of uniqueness and fun to my recent Dr. Ron’s Client Appreciation Turkey Weekend, I hired Lolly the Trolley to entertain and delight my clients. When Lolly appeared at the edge of my driveway, we were greeted by this remarkable smile, an extended hand of welcome, and a level of enthusiasm and excitement that set the stage for THE BEST documented tour experience I had ever experienced. Jim knew Cleveland like the back of his hand and took us to places that demonstrated the vibrancy of Cleveland (yes, vibrancy) with explanations and questions that had the crowd energized, involved and wanting more.

One example is the home of the iconic movie, A Christmas Story, and he brought it to life as though we were part of the cast.

He invited questions, asked us what we wanted, showed us the unexpected, and had a refreshing positive sense of humor all while demonstrating a professionalism and service-mentality that seems to have been lost to time.

I discovered that Jim, prior to picking up 34 of us at my home, had spent considerable time on my website learning about my business, what I do, who I serve, my background, and blended all this information into his information delivery. He made frequent references to positive thinking, coaching, and, of course, the dental profession.

At our stops (Burke Lakefront airport museum and Little Italy), he interacted masterfully with all his guests, offering up additional insights about ethnic neighborhoods, great restaurants, history about the spreading of the ashes of world-famous crime fighter, Elliot Ness, over the pond at the Lakeview Cemetery, the resting place of President James A. Garfield, John D. Rockefeller and members of President Lincoln’s cabinet, to mention a few.

When he delivered us all safely home after our four-hour plus excursion, he stood at the door and personally shook passenger’s hands and thanked them for allowing him to serve. His passion for what Cleveland has to offer was addictive and had several of my clients wanting to come back for B&B weekends to experience firsthand some of the sites.

I feel our Lolly the Trolley has become the landmark tour and transportation service for northeast Ohio. More importantly, I feel Mr. Jim Lomis is an example of over and above service excellence as he created an EXPERIENCE un-experienced by most! He demonstrated to 34 people that courtesy, care and concern, blended with a warm smile, the touch of a hand and a sense of humor, costs so little and delivers so much enjoyment. Every departing guest shared with Jim how his entire service experience was above and beyond what they had ever experienced.

This is service elegance at its best!

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