Service America: Doing Business In the New Economy – A Must Read Book

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Distinguish Your Dental PracticeBack when I owned my clinical dental practice in the 1980s, I made this book required reading for my entire staff. Sure, at first they groaned and complained, but in the end – it made all the difference.

This book is about a major business shift from heavy industry to a service-based economy. A service-based economy puts a large focus on customer-oriented competition. The initial example was not about a dental office – rather, an airline – but it can be applied to any healthcare practice. The author noted that all planes fly in the same sky and therefore the only way to be competitive and have an advantage is to make the customer’s experiences absolutely terrific.

How can you do mimic this in your dental office?

  • Courteous treatment
  • On-time appointments
  • A comfortable reception and treatment area

I believe that this is one of the only ways we can differentiate ourselves from the dentist down the block – service. How do you feel? How important is service when it comes to the competition?

(You may purchase this book on for $9.99)


  1. Mark Bohnert says:

    Hi Ron
    Hope all is great with you. I appreciate keeping me on the “list” as I enjoy the info. The Holidays passed to quickly here in Indy and hope you and “Sweetness” had a great Christmas. Better late than never …right? Consider this a either a tardy Holiday Greeting or one that is way on top of it and quite early for 2012.
    Thank you again for taking the time with Sue and I