Selling Dental Services Is Everyone’s Job Description

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Success Tips
A common team goal in successful dental practices is to make selling everyone’s job. Selling is about being a positive Ambassador for the practice, in and out of the office. Every member of the team is responsible for selling themselves and the practice. It is through communicating the value and benefits found in your practice that the business grows and flourishes.

Here are my top 2 tips on how to make each member of your team (yes, even the hygienists) on board with selling your practice:

  1. List every type of service you provide. Once you have the list, answer these two questions: What will your team do to let your patients know what you have to offer? How will you measure your efforts as a team?
  2. Enroll in a sales training program. Every member of your team will benefit. This program should include learning how to sell/recommend dentistry, asking for referrals, and how to deliver service excellence.

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