How are you “Self-Appraising” your service delivery?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

If you think using those “pre-scripted,” post-treatment survey questions offered up by the digital texting and appointment reminder services will serve as your self-appraisal, I fear you are misguided.

Patient feedback is vital to running your practice.

customer feedback processIf you don’t ask, you don’t get…a Coach Ron-ism. When you ask your patients for what they want or how you’re doing, you will be amazed what you will learn. Use simple surveys that give your patients the opportunity to provide you and your team feedback. Consider doing office surveys at least twice a year. What you can expect to receive is information that will help you grow your practice…as well as your income.

Keep in mind that measuring patient satisfaction isn’t as easy as slapping a few questions on a card. The process needs to be carefully mapped out – from the way you ask questions to the way you respond to results.

Consider the following guidelines:

  1. Determine the objective of your survey. What do you want to learn? What do you want to improve, grow, change, and expand? What decisions do you want to make with this valuable information?
  2. Ask the right questions. Choose questions carefully or your survey won’t give you the information you really need. Be very specific about what you want to learn about your practice. Do you want to know how well your patients are being greeted? Do you want to know how your patients feel about how well their teeth were cleaned? Do you want to know if your injections are painless?
  3. Keep your surveys short and sweet and easy to read and understand. People are busy (or so they think) and when surveying patients, we need to be sensitive to their time constraints. Think like the customer and make them simple and brief.

I have additional guidelines, should you choose to request them.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” ~ Jimmy Johnson

What three “extras” will you provide in your workweek that will set you apart from the others?


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