Are You Running Your Dental Practice Or Is It Running You?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Right Hiring and Retention Manual for the Dental Team,
To grow your dental practice, you need a strong staff. To have a strong staff, there must be increasing levels of accountability and responsibility, with formal performance reviews to make sure that’s happening. Are you doing this today in your dental practice?

If not, read on….

Holding formal Performance Reviews helps you measure Performance against goals. This is a tool that you, as a Dental CEO, have to recognize your employees and determine how they can better perform their job.


  • Invest time to help team members identify their strengths, develop their talents and work on their weaknesses.
  • Develop an “IDP” – individual development plan. Schedule time to meet with each team member and outline a plan for continuing professional learning. Set times on the calendar for future check-ins.
  • Document all conversations with date and initials. Note any behavioral issues with full descriptions. Remember to evaluate observable behaviors against the IDP.
  • Begin with positive communication. Start off the conversation with something commendable. For example: “I feel you are an important member of our team.”
  • Offer incentives to develop the behaviors you need and want. If your team has not been asking for referrals, create where the individual who asks for the most referrals during the month wins a full tank of gas.

“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.” ~ Anthony Robbins

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