Recruiting Dental Employees 101: Choosing Between Heaven and Hell

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental office receptionist new patients
There’s a story about a woman who gets to choose between Heaven and Hell. She visits Hell and finds a paradise of golfing, fine food, and the ultimate in pampering. Expecting even more of Heaven, she encounters a relatively boring lot of harp players. She chooses Hell; but on her return is greeted with fumes, fire and round-the-clock hard labor. Bewildered, she asks for explanation. “Yesterday,” she is told, “we were recruiting you. But now you’re just staff.”

Sound familiar? Far too often we woo the best people we can find and then gradually ease into taking them for granted. When that happens, your investment in those people is at risk.

You should pay at least as much attention to your tenured team members as you did when they were job candidates.

Here’s an action step that I use with my Dental Contact Coaching™ clients in regards to employee retention. They have benefited from this and I know you will, too!

  • Keep the value fresh and visible. On a regular basis, change something to make the employment environment better – simplify a process, add a benefit, upgrade equipment, cross-train for backup, even add a plant. Each time, “market” the upgrade at your next meeting. Discussion keeps the positive at the forefront of people’s thinking.

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