How Well Are you Recognizing and Rewarding your Dental Team?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Right Hiring and Retention Manual for the Dental Team,We come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. We also come with different sets of values, beliefs, preferences, interests, and abilities. If we are to work effectively with each other, we need to spend time learning more about each other. Pay attention to differences in personalities and work styles. Develop skill-sets that invite collaboration and teamwork rather than insisting that all “march to the same drum.” By honoring the differences, we build bridges to better understanding.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated. Each team member has the potential to contribute to the practice in unique and profitable ways. When they do, devise a system that allows you to reward them the way that best fits them. Some may enjoy the “limelight” while others want to go to a movie or a quiet dinner with a special person. Find out how each person will feel most appreciated and if possible take steps to incorporate that in an overall recognition plan.

Download this free assessment: “How Well Are you Recognizing and Rewarding your Team?” to learn where you are at recognizing & rewarding.

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