Are you ready to have “Fun” at your dental team meetings?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

What is the possibility that you might be able to induce more fun into your business or practice? Have you had traditions from years gone by that have faded away? What would it be like if you and your team put on your “creative Easter Bunny hats” (metaphorically speaking) and came up with some fun ideas for young and old?

building strong dental teamsAre you ready to have “Fun” at your team meetings? Here are some ideas

  • Have fresh flowers in a vase weekly to pass out to patients for making our day a pleasant one.
  • At your huddle, have a “grab bag” filled with prizes to acknowledge a team member for a job well done yesterday. She/he gets to “grab” from the bag.
  • Come dressed in costume to your team meeting.
  • Have a meeting that consists only of successes – nothing negative.
  • Hand out play money to the team members with good ideas. They can cash it in for prizes.

Did you know that a positive outlook does not depend on any particular circumstance? A positive outlook costs you nothing and, yet, it can bring you so very much. How can you be positive if everything is going wrong? A positive outlook is a great way to get things going right. You have to begin somewhere, don’t you? Why not positive instead of negative? You Can Never Be Too Old to Be Young!

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